James’ Bio



“I believe that pain can kill a person’s dream, motivation and pursuit of happiness. After being freed from the chains of pain, I see the true person reawaken…and it’s glorious.”


  • Physical Therapist Specializing in Chronic Pain Relief since 1996

  • Missionary to S. Korea, Ecuador, Thailand

  • Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do for 20 years

  • Strength &Powerlifter for 14 years

  • Educator for 14 years

Professional Credentials

James graduated from the prestigious Loma Linda University in Southern California where he was trained on how to relieve musculoskeletal pain with all natural means and restore the body back to tip-top shape without drugs, injections, or surgery.

Contributor and Reviewer of the book,“Atlas of Clinical Gross Anatomy” by Kenneth Moses, MD.

He has worked with some of the nations most famous professional athletes, Hollywood actors and Olympians but is making his revolutionary methods available to anyone.

His breakthrough method has helped over 9,000 people (and counting) be free to live a prosperous and productive life.

His personal side…

  • Golfing, fishing, reading, tae-kwon do, eating, fitness, guitar, are hobbies I love.
  • Mission trips are always meaningful, rewarding, and life-changing.  This is me in a refugee camp in Thailand.  Christians are being persecuted in Burma and therefore are fleeing to the Thai border. This picture might ‘look’ pleasant but much suffering is going on.

What others say about James…

(Over 3,000 success stories and testimonials)

Professional accomplishments include…

  • I’m the senior advisor and head instructor of this program for healthcare practitioners. I graduated from Loma Linda University in 1996.  I am the founder and elite therapist for the national Center for Clinical Excellence.
  • I have successfully developed the STAR Physical Therapy Network in Southern California and have developed and consulted on numerous facilities across the country, including my own IndeFree PT & Pain Centers. I also direct and lead as President of IndeFree Association.

Additional professional experiences include…

  • Executive Ergonomic Advisor to Circuit City and Viewsonic Corporations
  • Professional Consultant and Developer of the Rehabilitation Division of Brea Community Hospital
  • Professional Consultant and Developer of the Industrial Medicine unit at the Walnut Industrial Medical Center
  • Professional Consultant and Programs Developer of the Rehabilitation Division of the Whittier Area Parents for the Adult Developmentally Handicapped Association
  • Professional Consultant and Developer of Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Department of Revive Centers

His Babies

My baby boy Mac getting his Yellow Belt in Tae Kwon Do. He loves it and can’t get enough of it.



My baby girl Cozy and I are making a flower arrangement together. She LOVES flowers!!…and her “Big Bear” (me).



Me and my babies fishing together in Big Bear (Cali)!


His Beliefs

I believe that it’s not where you ARE in life but in the direction you are moving that matters most.