Shoulder Pain Report

This report is for men and women of all ages wanting relief from shoulder pain in only 8-minutes.

This Unusual 8-Minute Self Treatment Method…

Relieves Years of SHOULDER Pain, Improves Posture, and Makes You Feel Brand New


Bonus: It naturally corrects the “Fault” lines in your body and brings balance to your shoulder and spine making you look taller, thinner, and more confident.

Here’s Proof:

Studies show that shoulder pain causes you to go into a “protective pattern” and can rapidly lead to poor posture. The longer the pain lasts, the worse it gets.

This poor posture can make the shoulder more vulnerable to pain and make you appear shorter than you really are. And depending on how long you stay in this position, the compression on the spine can actually make you shorter for real.

This appearance can also make you appear wider and more fat. It also makes you look less confident.

If you suffer from shoulder pain and have TRIED EVERYTHING to get rid of it…

…I want you to do just one thing.

And that goes double if you’ve ever found yourself getting irritable for days, unable to sleep, lift, or get comfortable.

Hi I’m James Ko, and you’re about to hear a life changing story…

…about how a 42 year old stay-at-home mom completely transformed her body, becoming totally pain-free…(something doctors said was impossible).

All without any prescription drugs…

invasive expensive surgery, or steroid injections… or other “remedies”.

I’ll show you how you can use the EXACT same pain relief method she did to experience not only pain free movement, but…

…stronger muscles, better posture, and

increased energy in just 8-minutes a day for 2-weeks.

(I’ll even share with you the cause of your pain and a secret you won’t get from anyone.)

Going from…

  • Excruciating pain, “guarding” her arm…
  • Not being able to sleep…
  • Taking pain killers that made her nauseous…
  • with blood in her stool…


  • Pain-free
  • 100% off medication
  • Able to work, cook and clean without any discomfort of any kind
  • Restoring flexibility, strength and
  • Correcting all the “fault” lines

Just by adding 8-minutes of the “Miracle” method into her life!

Here’s what’s really weird…

You’ll be shocked when you read her story and discover the easy solution that freed her from a life of pain and agony.

Even after trying everything short of risky surgery to find a remedy.

So if you’re struggling with shoulder pain and tried…

…exercises, massage, heat/ice, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold laser, chiropractics, acupuncture,  and seen little in the way of results then this report could change your life.

That’s because…

This 8-minute miracle method is so new and so different, you’ve never seen anything like it before.

And…in the next few minutes as you read this short article, you’ll discover:

  • Why you’re in pain, even though you may not have done anything wrong. (It has nothing to do with old age.)
  • Why yoga, pilates and other basic stretching exercises may be doing you more harm than good.
  • The easy way to trick your body to unlock a spasming shoulder or neck. The relief you’ll feel is immediate and wonderful…
  • And…how doing these simple movements regularly can GUARANTEE you never suffer shoulder pain again…

But More Importantly Than All Of That…

Reading This Report to the Very End Reveals EXACTLY How You Can Use This Quick Method to Help You Get Out of Pain in Just ONE Session

You can get your entire shoulder flooded with pain-relieving nutrients and oxygen…reducing inflammation… increasing flexibility… naturally correcting your posture… and relieving nagging aches and pains!

As you’ll see below, this unique method has been privately tested and proven to work on men and women of all ages, body types, skill levels and in any physical state of health…

Quietly used all around the country “underground”… because this method is based on all-natural methods that don’t require expensive drugs or surgeries.

And…if you’re skeptical about getting out of pain, then I encourage you to keep reading.


You’ll discover everything I say is backed up by scientific study and research. Without a shadow of a doubt, the method allows your body to naturally unlock and release the pain for good.

The best part is…

This 8-minute “Miracle” Method will work for you without the need for any expensive equipment…No expensive supports or braces…and most importantly, no drugs or medicines.

Before we go any further, it’s important that I give you fair warning:

The information in this report may contradict anything you may have been told in the past about shoulder pain.

Instead of recommending natural pain relief methods you need, mainstream medical professionals give you…

  • Unnecessary medications
  • Expensive surgeries
  • Painful corticosteroid injections
  • Temporary massages, ultrasound, and ointments
  • Expensive electrical stimulation machines

They know that when you learn real natural solutions exist like this 8-minute method, you’ll never have to spend another penny on their procedures again.

OK…now that I have your undivided attention and know you’re serious about stopping shoulder pain using the 8-Minute “Miracle” Method, let me share with you a quick story about one of my patients…

Her name was Susan, a mother of two kids, who came to me as a last resort.

Her shoulder pain was unbearable…

She was only 42, but she looked much older.

She hadn’t gotten a restful sleep in over 6-months,…and the combination of fatigue, drugs, and poor posture made her look like an old lady.

“Can you help me, James?” she asked as she cradled her right arm across her chest.

Susan used to be a vibrant and happy wife, in a loving relationship, who loved dancing and going to the gym.

But since her shoulder pain started, she has never been the same.

At first, it started out slowly.

She had difficulty washing her hair and reaching to undo her bra but when taking ibuprofen it seemed to be fine.

But eventually the annoying pain worsened. It began disrupting her sleep. Reaching into the cupboard would spark a painful twinge. Just turning door knobs, or lifting her kids, was like playing russian roulette.

She was miserable.

Like most “stay at home” moms, Susan had no choice but to keep prepping meals, cleaning dishes, carrying laundry, and grocery bags, regardless of pain or not.

All the while, keeping up a smile, even though the pain got worse and worse.

(Sometimes it’s better to break an arm so at least there’s a cast that’s visible and everyone can see you are injured.)

Forced to keep working, lifting and moving caused a slow destruction to her shoulder…with the pain getting worse.

She found herself getting irritable and losing her temper—snapping at her children for small things that used to make her smile.

So she went to see her doctor.

He said, “Put some ice or heat on it, take naproxen, and wait it out.”

So she did.

A month later, the pain remained. But now her stomach was upset…

…and blood started showing up in her stool…

She wasn’t used to this.

She started developing heart burn and headaches all the time.

“What was going on?!” she cried to herself.

Then one day she snapped… yelling at her husband…yelling at her kids. No reason. Just snapped.

She wasn’t herself (she didn’t recognize the person she had become).

She went back to the doctor.

This time he ordered an MRI scan.

The news was not good.

The MRI scan showed an inflamed bursa, arthritic changes, and a tear of her rotator cuff tendon.

[You see, when you repetitively keep stressing an inflamed tendon, it will start tearing.]

Then, 7 months from when this nightmare started, an orthopedic surgeon performed a procedure called “Shoulder Arthroscopy”, where they go in and “clean-out” the joint.

For 65% of patients with shoulder pain who undergo arthroscopy, the procedure helps relieve pain. In Susan’s case, her shoulder pain increased.

Another MRI showed that scar tissue had built up and was tightening up the joint even more.

The surgeon told Susan that the next step would be to MANIPULATE her shoulder which had supposedly become “frozen”.

The surgeon’s new plan was to put her under general anesthesia and forcefully bend her shoulder over her head tearing all the scar tissue (but also healthy tissue and muscles).

Cost? $2,000-3,000

First however, the surgeon wanted Susan to get some physical therapy where they would attempt to stretch out the joint for more flexibility.

This would help the surgeon decide if a manipulation would be helpful or not.

Susan wasn’t too excited about physical therapy or a manipulation but went along with it. What other choice did she have? She was in agonizing pain. So she was brought to the physical therapy department which was down the hall.

According to Susan, what happened next in physical therapy, was nothing short of…MEDIEVAL TORTURE.

A physical therapist explained that since her shoulder was frozen, the only way to get it moving again was to aggressively stretch it…and that it was going to be PAINFUL.

First, the physical therapist laid her on her back, took her arm and began bending it over her head.

Instantly, Susan let out what could only be called a primal scream.

“There are lots of nerves around your shoulder,” the therapist said. “I’m really sorry.” And gave her a box of tissue as she began to cry.

The therapist continued.

It gets worse.

This time around the therapist pushed so hard that she felt like her arm was being ripped off…

Susan cried in pain… “Oh, God! Oh, God! Stop!”

She felt jolts of taser-like electric shocks running through her shoulder, neck and body. Susan was sobbing now.

“Ok, you can relax now” the therapist said as he exhaled. He told Susan she had done very well.

But to Susan, she WAS DONE. After that ordeal, there is no way she was going through with a manipulation.

Especially when she learned the odds of success were merely 50/50…and that it could also make her shoulder worse and permanently damaged.

Leaving the surgeon’s office, the futility of it all set in.

And now today, Susan was in my wellness center looking for hope. In order to get out of pain, save her sanity, Susan needed nothing short of a miracle.

Relieving Susan’s shoulder pain, especially after years of protecting it, aggravation, surgery, physical therapy and medication was a tall order…

Could I help her?

I have to admit, Susan was in pretty bad shape.

She came to me because I’d been recommended. Susan heard about the incredible results I’d produced with a couple of her co-workers.

So she believed in me and my unusual method…I was willing to try.

Because not only had my method helped her co-workers but years ago, I had experienced similar shoulder pain playing baseball. And I would have given ANYTHING to get out of pain.

Pain haunted me every single day. Doctors suggested I give up playing baseball—the sport I loved since I was 4 years old.

Over the years, in an effort to find relief, I tried just about every available therapy and treatment there was. Including…

Massage therapy…

Pain medication…



Electrical Stimulation (TENS)…

Sheets of exercises from physical therapists…





And even Myofascial Release (paying over $120 per session)

I drew the line at surgery.

Then 5 years later, I chose to become a physical therapist.

My passion to find a cure for chronic pain and help those who are suffering drove me to search for answers and solutions that work.

After years of research, experiments, and testing, that’s when I discovered something miraculous…

I discovered the real cause of chronic shoulder pain.

This discovery requires a deep understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and neurophysiology at a level most healthcare professionals simply don’t have. At least not yet.

Which makes this method somewhat controversial.

Well-meaning doctors and other healthcare practitioners may be able to identify muscles and bones…they may have years of education and experience treating pain with drugs, injections and surgery…but they don’t understand how pain is truly created in the body.

More importantly, they don’t know how to unlock the body’s natural healing power that eliminates pain quickly.

My special research gave me a unique understanding of the shoulder and how it is affected by movement, biochemistry, emotions and especially NON-MOVEMENT.

Help Your Body Turn-Off the Pain…For Good

There’s a reason why things like medicine, chiropractors, injections, massage and even surgery don’t provide long-lasting relief for shoulder pain.

Those things help to address the symptoms, not the true cause.

My discovery found that in the overwhelming majority of cases, shoulder pain is a symptom created by “Fault Lines”.

It doesn’t matter if the pain started with an injury or for no reason, if it lasts more than 3-months, it’s due to these Fault Lines.

In order to remove the pain, you must fix these Fault Lines.

Fault Lines occur in the body when there is prolonged guarding, weakness and tightness.

In most shoulder cases, people are afraid to move it and attempt to protect it and “baby” it.

This causes weakness of the muscles on that side which causes more tightness and pain…

Which starts a never-ending vicious cycle.

The result?…

Chronic pain.

After months or years of this negative cycle, these Fault Lines become more pronounced.

  • Blood flow decreases, preventing oxygen and other vital nutrients from reaching your shoulder.
  • Posture gets bad.
  • And it can have a negative impact on your emotions.

Fault Lines Can Cause Emotional Stress and Decreased Self-Confidence

If nothing is done to resolve these Fault Lines, you’re setting yourself up to get “frozen shoulder”, irreversible arthritis, and even depression.

And that’s when the real pain begins.

So if you want to eliminate your shoulder pain once and for all, you need to fix the true cause…the Fault Lines.

This method restores balance, strength and flexibility, and completely relieves the pain…AND improves your posture.

The results are incredible…and surprises people.

After only 8-minutes, you begin to feel more confident and taller.

The blood flow returns in your shoulder, brings oxygen and relieves pain.

Since my discovery, I’ve focused much of my career on shoulder and chronic pain.

  • I’ve become the renowned authority on shoulder pain in the state of Texas with thousands depending on me for advice and guidance.
  • I’ve developed a reputation for being the first person to see before physicians, chiropractors, or other physical therapists.
  • My clinic is fully booked weeks in advance.

I’m driven to help even more people. And that’s why I’m making this unique shoulder pain relieving method available online.


Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life

Relieve Your Pain

Restore Balance

Remove Fault Lines

Increase Blood Flow, Oxygen and Nutrients to the Shoulder

Improve Posture

All in Less Than 8-Minutes

“I was in so much pain when I started and didn’t think I would even be able to raise my arm but after the first session I felt great!”
– Kathy B. (44 y/o)

Shoulder Pain Relief for Life is an alternative approach to treating pain that is immensely more successful (and cheaper) than the conventional, costly options.

From CEO’s to moms with kids…to professional athletes or teens, people from all walks of life have benefited from this miraculous discovery and groundbreaking program.

What is the Secret That Makes the Shoulder Pain Relief for Life Program So Effective?

The first secret is in the special movements that correct your body’s imbalances and Fault Lines—the real cause of your shoulder pain.

All you need is a place to lie down and a place to sit.

That’s it.

Which means you can do this anywhere—at home, office, hotel, anywhere.

It’s not really exercises but scientific movements that you’ve probably never seen or done before.

It only takes 8-minutes to do so it easily fits into your schedule. How great is that?

In the amount of time it takes to drive to the drugstore, massage therapist, physical therapist or doctor, you can get relief and fix your chronic shoulder pain on your own.

With the Shoulder Pain Relief for Life program, you won’t need to do a long list of exercises, hassle with hot/cold packs, TENS, ultrasound, or put up with painful procedures.

All you need is a desire to end your pain, 8 minutes and the ability to follow easy directions…

Movement #1: Activates a set of muscles that fixes Fault Lines and brings relief to your shoulders. These muscles are often the main culprit to shoulder pain and poor posture…and they are often overlooked.

Movement #2: Rapidly increases circulation to your body and sends an important message to your shoulders saying, “It’s okay to relax and let go of the pain.”

Self-Treatment #1: Eliminates the most common muscle spasm in your shoulder that causes stiffness, soreness, and tightness. After the 2-minutes it takes to do this simple Self Treatment, you feel immediately lighter and relaxed as your pain melts away.

Do’s n Don’ts: Help you to avoid the activities that most people with shoulder pain are doing that’s making it worse (but don’t know it). Your shoulder will never get better if you don’t know this.

Nutrition: There’s one simple spice and one amazing antioxidant that unlocks your body’s healing power that accelerates pain relief and healing…and makes you surprisingly feel younger!

“…I could hardly brush my hair and unfastening my bra was nearly impossible. I’m almost back to normal and I just want to thank you…”
– Barbara S. (52 y/o)

In just 8-minutes, you begin to move more freely, feel lighter and more relaxed, and enjoy instant pain relief. You notice more motion and strength and feel energized as if you were younger…

But that’s not all…

Surprise Benefits You Will Notice

  • Stronger core and tone abs
  • Better posture
  • Walk taller (more confidence)
  • Increased circulation, oxygen, and nutrients
  • Better memory

“I’ve never done these exercises before and I’ve been a lifter for over 19 years. They’re great, just great.”
– Bruce M. (39 y/o)


Component #1: The Shoulder Pain Relief for Life Training Videos

In the 3 video series, you’ll discover the unique movements and Self-Treatments that are the foundation of your shoulder pain relief.

The movements are simple and can be done anywhere at any time. All you need is a place to lie down, a small box or yoga block, and a chair.

You don’t have to become a shoulder expert or do any studying of any kind to benefit from this program. All you need to do is watch the short video and follow along.

Prepare to be excited. It’s common for customers to experience complete relief during the first session.


I would absolutely say “Yes.” Not only based on my experience, but the experience of other customers.

“I can’t believe how much better I feel after just one time…”
– Jennifer L. (39 y/o)

Watch It Now On Your Tablet, Phone or Computer!

Component #2: Common Causes of Shoulder Problems

Some people want more more information. They’re intrigued by how this method changes lives and is so effective.

That’s why we offer more videos on the in’s-and-out’s of how the program works as well as give you additional tips for getting the most out of each session of the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Program.

You’ll quickly appreciate why your shoulder magically starts to respond and feel better as you begin the simple program.

“Thank you for helping me with my shoulder pain. I’m just amazed…”
– Gloria B. (58 y/o)

Component #3: Personal One-On-One Coaching and Support

This component can make a huge difference.

We Realize Every Customer and Every Condition Is Unique

Order the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Program TODAY and you’ll also receive unlimited email access to me and my support team. If we can’t help you that way, we’ll pick up the phone, give you a call, and you can speak to myself or one of my shoulder pain coaches.

During the phone call, we’ll answer any questions you have, address any major issues with your shoulder pain and help you tailor the program to your unique situation.

Don’t be shy, I sincerely encourage you to call. We look forward to helping you.

Even as we grow, we strive to be available to our customers. In my experience, customers are thrilled to be able to speak to real professionals. Someone who knows and understands the in’s and out’s of shoulder pain relief.

We’re happy to do it as part of our mission to end the suffering of so many people living in pain.

Today Is the Day You Can Stop Spending

Thousands Of Dollars and Countless Hours

On Temporary Shoulder Pain Relief!

Please understand, the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life program is not a temporary relief program.

This program is focused on addressing the true cause of your Shoulder pain so you don’t have to spend the rest of your life treating it.

By following the simple online videos that walk you through the unique sequence of movements and self-treatments, you will finally be on the path to ending your Shoulder pain forever.

Think of it this way:

  • A chiropractic treatment for Shoulder pain costs about $40 and up
  • A single massage session, maybe $45 and up…
  • A trip for acupuncture might run anywhere between $45 and $100…
  • And of course, things get very expensive when you get into medications, advanced treatments and surgery.

The bottom line is you could spend a lot of money doing all these things and still only end up with temporary relief for your pain at best.

That’s exactly what many do… for years.

Fortunately, many had the presence of mind to realize once you opt for surgery… there’s no turning back. And it could end up worse.

Whether that’s arthroscopic surgeryAcromioplasty where a surgeon cuts away bone…

… or a shoulder replacement where the surgeon removes all or part of the shoulder, IT’S A COIN-TOSS WHETHER IT WILL WORK OR NOT.

And if it gets worse, what will you do then?

As you can see, given the options, giving Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life is at least worth a try.

What’s Our Regular Prices?

If you were to come to our clinic in Dallas Texas, you could expect to pay…

  • $300 for an off-hours emergency session.
  • $150 for a regularly scheduled private session.
  • Or $90 for a group session.

Oftentimes, we’re booked solid–way in advance.

Or THE BEST WAY, no matter where you live, is you can try the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life online right now for a ONE TIME INVESTMENT of only $97 $27

*Special price is for a limited-time only

Click the button below now, get instant access to the program online, and begin using it immediately to relieve your pain and heal your Shoulder.

Get Started Now Before the Price Goes Up!

  • Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos
  • Bonus: Common Causes and More Info Video Sessions For Shoulder Pain Relief
  • Bonus: Free Personal Support “One on One” Coaching
  • Bonus: The “Posture Fix” Training
  • Extra Bonus: Nutrition and More
  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get instant online access to James’ revolutionary program for only $97 $27

*Special price is for a limited-time only

It’s a no-brainer given the success of our program and it’s incredible ability to provide immediate and lasting results, the price is a steal even if it was double or tripled.

But it’s not double or tripled.


Because I want to get this program into the hands of as many people who are suffering with debilitating Shoulder pain as possible.

I want to make this program super-affordable. From my perspective, putting a price on your pain isn’t something you should be forced to do.

That said, when you consider the price of…

  • Over-the-counter and dangerous prescription medications…
  • Doctor, massage, chiropractic and acupuncture visits…
  • Ointments, creams, patches and other devices designed to relieve pain
  • Invasive surgery…
  • Corticosteroid injections…
  • Time off work…

… over time the costs add up.

But then there’s the most important price factor of all to consider…

Missing out on “life”…and peace of mind

What’s the price of being able to…

  • Sleep comfortably through the night?
  • Tend to your garden?
  • Groom, shower, and look nice?
  • Perform and function at work?
  • Pick up your grandkids?
  • Play sports again?

The sad fact is many people have been dealing with their chronic Shoulder pain for 3, 6, and 9 years and more!

That’s no way to live. That’s no way to go through life.

That’s why we’re offering the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life program at this ultra affordable, low price for instant online access, instead of scheduling an expensive trip to our clinic.

And to remove the risk of giving our method a try…

“I just want to tell you that I no longer have to take my pain medication. No more upset stomach. No more pain.”
– Jennifer M. (46 y/o)

No Strings Money-Back Guarantee

We are determined to never have an unhappy customer.

That’s why the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life program comes with a No-Strings 60-Day money back guarantee*.

You are completely happy or you get a refund. It’s that simple. All we ask is that you let us know how you used it and what you didn’t like about it. That’s it! Get all your money-back.

If Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life fails to provide you with quick and long lasting relief, we’ll give you a fast and full refund on the spot… with absolutely no hassle.

Plus, you can even keep the entire Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Program as a token of our appreciation just for giving it a good try.

Just try asking your doctor sometime if your satisfaction is guaranteed and see what they say. You’ll probably be surprised at their answer.

If you don’t get results, I don’t want your money. Period.

“The exercises are so simple yet so challenging. I love em!”
– Joshua C. (52 y/o)

“James, how long will it take to relieve my pain?”

While it depends on the severity and complexity of your pain, the damage in your body and how long you’ve suffered with it, I can tell you this with certainty:

Everyone who’s ever tried it, feels relief after one session.

And, even if it takes a little longer for full relief or requires a few more sessions, it would still be worth it. Think how long you’ve been living with your pain. 1, 3, 6, 9 years?

Now imagine living a life that is totally free of the pain that’s been with you–it’s actually within your grasp.

Just imagine what this would mean for you if you incorporated these short 2-minute movements into your life or even just your morning routine for a week, a month or 90 days…

Finally being able to relieve your pain, all the while increasing blood flow, oxygen and nutrients… improving posture, core strength and flexibility… in literally the first session!

We have real-life proof that these “miracle movements” do in fact work for everyone. Young and old, out of shape and fit. Literally everyone finds some major or more often than not, complete relief–even after just one session.

The Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life program helps you relieve your pain, too, just like it’s helped a long list of others…

“I’m back to throwing and still doing my exercises every day. You guys are the best!”
– Jeff V. (34 y/o)

Watch Right Now on Your Phone!

What Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Is Not…

  • It’s not doing a long list of exercises or Pilates…
  • It’s not a bunch of data and information
  • It’s not about pain management–no one wants to “manage” their pain, they want to get rid of it…

Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life is not about fluff or hype, it’s about a solution. A single, short, 8-minute method that can begin healing your Shoulder just minutes from now.

The goal? To restore flexibility, mobility, and balance to the shoulder while stopping pain.

Not only does Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life

make Shoulder pain disappear, it…

  • Floods your spine with healing nutrients
  • Reduces and even eliminates chronic inflammation
  • Improves deep restful sleep you may not have had in years
  • Improves thinking and clearheadedness
  • Brings more energy to the entire body
  • Improves posture (and has you walking taller)
  • Increases flexibility so you feel loose and free

Watch Right Now on Your Computer!

  • Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos
  • Bonus: Common Causes and More Info Video Sessions For Shoulder Pain Relief
  • Bonus: Free Personal Support “One on One” Coaching
  • Bonus: The “Posture Fix” Training
  • Extra Bonus: Nutrition and More
  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get instant online access to James’ revolutionary program for only $97 $27

*Special price is for a limited-time only

Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life

is definitely for you if…

  • You’re in severe pain and conventional treatments utterly failed you…
  • You feel less of a person because of your pain…
  • You have a job where Shoulder pain is considered an occupational hazard…
  • You’re concerned about the effect pain medication is having on your stomach, body and brain…
  • You’ve discovered you’re unable to do things you used to be able to do…

It’s Time to Feel Normal Again

And In LESS Time Than Regular Exercise, Physical Therapy, TENS, Heat or Ice!

You’re about to discover a revolutionary new “secret” to Shoulder pain relief, flushing the pain medications down the toilet and getting back to your regular self, a better self — but in a FRACTION of the time previously thought possible.

What’s remarkable about this new discovery is that it doesn’t matter if…

  • You’ve already had Shoulder surgery – your Shoulder still needs blood flow, oxygen and vital nutrients
  • You started, but then got fed up with long, boring exercise routines…
  • You’re frustrated because all that hard work isn’t helping…
  • You’re afraid to try because you feel you are too overweight, too out of shape, too old or have an injury…
  • You’ve got barely a minute to spare in your hectic, stressed out day…

Then this 8-minute method is EXACTLY what you’ve been waiting for.

Warning: Don’t Get

Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life IF…

Admittedly, this program is not for everyone. You should NOT buy it if…

  • You refuse to take responsibility for your health and improvement
  • You’re ok with being hooked on painkillers and other temporary treatments
  • You’re content being unable, feeling impaired or not whole

…then our program may not be right for you.

My sincere hope is that isn’t the case. If you’re fed up with your pain and have reached a point where you realize drugs, invasive procedures, surgery and temporary “quick fix” relief are no longer viable options…

THEN our 8-minute program can TRULY help you.

Shoulder pain: When you’re hurting,

minutes can feel like hours

Despite what you’re led to believe by the medical establishment, despite what you’re led to believe by well-meaning healthcare professionals, the solution to your pain DOES NOT have to be risky, painful, expensive, drawn out, hard or complicated.

Backed up by the experience of thousands of others, this method used in the Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life program is the simplest and most effective solution for natural Shoulder pain relief ever created.

But in the end, the decision is yours.

Remember, when you order now, you get:

5 Free Bonuses

  • Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD
  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Shoulder Pain Relief
  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching
  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program
  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music
  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

In literally a few minutes from now, you can be on your way to feeling pain-free (maybe for the first time in years). Able to do the things that bring joy to life…

  • Sports: like golf, tennis and swimming…
  • Hobbies: like gardening, hiking and mountain biking…
  • Of course, personal things like grooming, sleeping, holding your grandkids in your arms and even throwing the ball again…

It’s no secret: Not being able to do the things we enjoy in life leaves us unfulfilled. Not to mention how useless the pain medications make you feel.

The pain you are feeling today can be relieved in just a few short minutes from now.

I know, pain can truly suck the joy out of life. It can make us feel frustrated, anxious, irritable and depressed. Can you even remember a time when you didn’t live in pain?

It can force us to give up on our dreams.

Having gone through a similar experience, I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true: With Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life, imagine…

  • All those negative thoughts, feelings and emotions lifting and ultimately disappearing…
  • Being able to do the things again that make you happy…
  • Living a vibrant, fulfilled life, rich with possibility…
  • Being able to do your job again–without days off, workman’s comp or having to prove you are in pain…
  • Becoming flexible, healthy, even athletic again…
  • Being able to play sports again, like throwing, golfing, and bowling …

… But most of all, getting out of pain so you can live your life again.

This is not wishful thinking or hyped up hope. This is documented in the hundreds and hundreds of success stories I see every year.

“I really like the simplicity of your program. I’ve tried many other treatments but nothing like this. I was actually surprised how good I felt after just one session.”
– Helen S. (47 y/o)

How Does Pain Affect Your Day?

  • Does it slow you down? Make you irritable or depressed?
  • Force you to take critical days off work?
  • Keep you depressed for days on end?
  • Does the pain medication keep you from thinking clearly?
  • Does it keep you from experiencing the simple joys of life, eating, reaching bathing, picking up your grandkids, gardening or exercising.

There’s no reason to go through the rest of your life in pain.

Read This Immediately

If You’re “Pre-Surgery”

One last thing. It’s important.

Prior to stumbling upon this article, you may have been “pre-surgery”. Heavily weighing a Shoulder surgery decision.

Now, you and I have never met. So I can only speak from experience.

I’ve talked with many doctors, chiropractors and other health experts. And the consensus among all of them is:

When it comes to treating Shoulder pain, surgery should be considered a last resort. When all other options have been exhausted.

Doctors won’t guarantee success. They can’t. They just won’t do it.

Surgery may diminish or relieve your pain, or it’s equally likely that the pain will stay the same or be made worse.

That’s just the reality of the situation.

Imagine going into surgery and coming out in worse shape than you went in. That’s a realistic scenario.

The good news, and prestigious institutions back me up on this, is that even though there are roughly 300,000 Shoulder surgeries a year, it’s rarely necessary.

According to institutions like the Mayo Clinic, most Shoulder pain can be resolved on its own within two months with proper attention and care. That includes challenging issues such as impingement, tendonitis, rotator cuff, bursitis, frozen shoulder, arthritis.

That is indeed good news for people considering Shoulder pain surgery.

So I encourage you: Do yourself a favor and try Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life first. Just a few short minutes from now you can be experiencing that first initial wave of relief wash over you.

I can tell you this:

I have NEVER had a client try Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life and then opt afterward for Shoulder pain surgery. Never. It just doesn’t happen.

That’s pretty strong testimony to its effectiveness.

People who were effectively considered disabled were able to get out of pain, heal, and reclaim their life using this simple method.

And now today, I’m making you the same offer: a super affordable way to relieve Shoulder pain without drugs, surgery or injections

There’s no risk.

If it doesn’t work exactly as I’ve described, just email me and I’ll refund you the full price immediately. It’s that simple.

I’m doing what thousands of doctors and surgeons can’t and won’t do—guarantee not just satisfaction, but RESULTS.

The choice is yours… either go on with your life, OR…

Go ahead and try Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life! Just click the button below…

I look forward to helping you finally get you out of pain and reclaim your life.

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Watch the videos. Every client success story you see mentioned in this article is verifiable.

We are overjoyed with not just happy, but grateful customers.

Listen to and read their stories and then ask yourself…

“How would my life change if

I found a way to end MY pain?”

As you’ll discover, you’re not alone. You have hope and now you have a real solution. Go ahead and get started now.

P.P.S. I can promise you’ll be amazed… if you’re willing to try this amazing approach.

Other programs that promise Shoulder pain relief lead you through the long process of assessing the cause of your Shoulder pain and then help you select the exercises that will help.

The Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life program is different. We jump right in. Straight to relief.

It makes those other options look stale and fluffy. With Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life, you simply do the movements and self-treatments. That’s it. And in 8 minutes or less, your session is done. And you’re feeling relief, maybe for the first time in years.

There’s no studying or reading or learning required.

Instead, you can spend your time on the only thing that really matters: getting out of pain.

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  • Shoulder Pain Relief 4 Life Core Videos DVD
  • Bonus: 10 Targeted Coaching Video Sessions For Shoulder Pain Relief
  • Bonus: Free One on One Coaching
  • Bonus: The “Begin Your Day” Video Program
  • Extra Bonus: Quick Follow Along Videos With Music
  • Extra Bonus: Instant Access To The Videos Online

Get instant online access to James’ revolutionary program for only $97 $27

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